Jewelry Care

All jewelry is 14k gold (exceptions listed below) with highest quality semi precious gemstones and diamonds

Mini Me collection (coming soon) is 14k gold with cubic zirconia gems

Mask chains are Gold- Filled 

Solid Jewelry Care: 

14k solid gold is a great choice! Unlike gold-filled and gold-plated, it will last you a lifetime and you will be able to share its shine for generations to come! You can wear it everyday and everywhere - yes, even in the shower!

A few areas to pay extra attention to jewelry care:

  • Swimming-due to the risk of it falling off and getting lost. Make sure you are not wearing any loose pieces 

  • Cleaning-when using harsh chemicals or cleaning supplies

  • Gym- lifting weights can scratch gold and damage stones

  • Masks: Be careful ripping masks on and off with studs or huggies- always makes sure they feel secure

Different stones do require extra attention and care.  Always be careful with harsh chemicals and sprays with stones.  Also, be careful with handling of larger stones as they can chip or crack if dropped or not handled delicately.